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Frequently asked questions

Learn more about Reibus and our platform. To learn more, feel free to email us or contact us using the chatbox in the bottom right corner.

About Reibus

  • Reibus is an online B2B platform. We have created a marketplace for sellers and buyers to trade online. We believe a well-designed marketplace will allow companies to trade industrial materials efficiently and result in better supply chains for everyone. Some customers have described us as the Amazon or eBay for industrial products.

  • We sell prime, excess prime, and secondary industrial materials. Our prime material comes from the original manufacturers. We buy direct from vetted and approved global manufacturers. Our excess prime is also prime material and it comes from our large “circulating” supplier base. This is material for which its current owner doesn’t currently have a need but has no defects. Secondary material comes from our entire supplier base. It has some defects, but some buyers will have a use for it. This material is sold “as-is”, it’s priced accordingly.

  • We are passionate about making things simpler and eliminating waste. The time and resources lost today in the industrial market place that we experienced first hand was simply not good enough – we had to do something. We also wanted to create a viable marketplace for excess prime materials. For example, in the US alone, over 40 million tons of steel is scrapped or land filled every year. Much of this material can and should be used in adjacent products and markets . Saving cost, eliminating waste and protecting scarce natural resources.

  • Reibus’ home office is in Atlanta, GA, with an additional office in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. We are an e-commerce reseller company and we have multiple suppliers throughout North America and around the world.

  • We include a mark-up on the items that we list. Our goal is to provide sellers a better return than they can get from traditional sales and disposition methods. For buyers, our goal is to provide them with an easy to use service that delivers better value than market, and with more manageable lot sizes and much faster lead times.

  • Our data sources for the Insights Dashboard are (but not limited to):

    Bloomberg – Stocks/Commodities
    Barchart – Futures
    Metals API – Metals pricing
    Open Exchange Rates – Exchange Rates
    Fast Markets – Pig Iron Brazil Export Prices
    DAT Freight
    Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis
    Dodge Construction Network
    Business Insider – Nickel Prices (Commodity)
    Flack – Finage
    XHB (Homebuilder ETF)
    Trading Economics – Natural Gas (Commodity)
    American Institute of Architects – ABI Index
    Bankrate – 30 Year Mortgage Rate
    U.S. Energy Information Administration – Energy
    London Metal Exchange – Metals pricing
    Macro Trends – Copper Prices (Commodity)
    Market Data Forecast
    Market Watch
    Metal Bulletin
    National Association of Home Builders
    Scrap Monster
    Steel Market Update

Shipping / Freight

  • Yes, we are flexible. Reibus will arrange freight for your order if requested. If pickups are available for an order, buyers can always arrange their own freight.

  • If a seller requests control of delivered freight, they provide a freight schedule to Reibus which is used to calculate freight at checkout. Otherwise, Reibus uses freight rates for each region of the country to calculate delivered freight.


  • Transactions can be completed on our website. We accept credit cards including VISA, Mastercard, and American Express. We also allow buyers to apply for credit online. If buyers are more comfortable completing transactions offline they can contact us at 470-482-1820. We are able to accept ACH payments offline.

  • For buyers using credit our terms are NET 30. We do offer early payment discounts if payment is made via ACH. For sellers, we can pay within 15 days after successful delivery of the material.

  • When we onboard sellers we ask them to specify if they will allow pickups from their facility. We also ask them to specify whether they will deliver. If there are concerns about sellers and buyers being able to identify each other, either party can request that Reibus arrange the freight.

  • Reibus handles all disputes between buyer and seller. Contact us immediately at 470-482-1820 or email We will work with the seller to make it right for you.

  • Please contact us immediately at 470-482-1820 or email Please provide your order number and date of purchase. We will do whatever it takes to make it right for you.

  • We handle transactions in USD and CAD, and plan to support MEX in 2022.

  • Yes, you can list inventory in any currency. Prices displayed on the platform will be shown in either USD or CAD depending on the user’s preference.

  • All prices shown on the Reibus Marketplace will be converted to your preferred currency, which can be adjusted on the [account settings] page. Inventory with prices set in different currencies will have their price converted for you. See ‘How do you handle currency conversions?’ for more information.

  • Conversion rates are set and refreshed weekly on Sundays using the Bank of Canada Fx rate. The rate will stay fixed for the remainder of the week. Bids and offers placed midweek will be honored for 7 days at that week’s rate.

Claims Policy

  • Yes, material sold on our site that has a warranty maintains its status. You can think of Reibus as a distributor. Warranties pass through us just like any other distributor. All secondary materials are sold as is and are clearly promoted and sold as such.

  • Our process is similar to most resellers. If you have a warranty claim, please provide us the invoice and associated documentation. We will then manage the process for you through the supply chain and bring it to resolution.

  • Of course. If you don’t see a mill cert already attached to the listing please contact We will promptly provide you mill certificates.

For additional information, please contact us

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