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Reibus Carbon SolutionsA Greener Future for the Metals Industry

Reduce your carbon emissions with easy-to-use solutions

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Sustainability – Made for Metals.

Sustainability and offsetting carbon emissions can be daunting, often requiring outside resources which cost you more money and more time. At Reibus, we believe contributing to a greener environment cannot wait, and solutions should be accessible to everyone in our industry – minus the extra overhead.

We’ve designed our carbon offset purchasing program and emissions calculator with metals in mind, making it easy for you to determine your carbon emissions, and offset them, in a simple and efficient way.

  • Reporting carbon emissions made simple

    Say goodbye to the complexities of reporting on carbon emissions.

    With our easy-to-use emissions calculator, you can calculate and assess your carbon emissions of materials and transport, gaining valuable insights into your environmental impact. By tracking and reporting your carbon emissions, you’ll identify areas for improvement within your own supply chain. Knowing the amount of CO2 emitted via steel production and transportation is the first step in understanding how much carbon you need to offset.

  • Purchasing verifiable carbon offsets is just a few clicks away

    Offsetting your carbon emissions is easy with the purchase of carbon offsets, or credits, through our Marketplace.

    Whether it’s reforestation efforts or renewable energy initiatives, you can choose from a variety of environmental projects that resonate with your company’s values. Each offset is carefully vetted, ensuring your contributions support projects that drive meaningful change.

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