Reibus International, Inc. (“Reibus”) is committed to providing the best customer (“Customer”) experience in the metals industry which means quickly and effectively meeting our Customer’s needs. However, we know that issues with material may arise, and we review all claims we receive on a case-by-case basis. Our goal is to work closely with our Customers to resolve problems quickly and amicably while pursuing continuous improvement. Our claims policy is designed to facilitate a quick and fair resolution and sets forth the policies and procedures for a Customer to report nonconformances to their order, including transit damage, and resolve issues relating to the material (“Material”) that Reibus supplies to a Customer.

We appreciate your full cooperation during the claim process to allow for an effective and efficient resolution of the claim.

Claims will not be considered, if the following requirements are not met:

– Timely submission meaning all claims are submitted within:

  1. Thirty (30) calendar days from receiving for nonconformances; OR
  2. Five (5) calendar days from receiving for nonconformances related to discoloration, rust, and/or stains; OR
  3. One (1) calendar day from receiving for nonconformances related to transit damage, including moisture issues seen at the time of delivery.

– Photos and/or observations of transit damage, including moisture issues, must be taken prior to removal from the mode of transport and observations must signed and dated on the receiving paperwork, such as the BOL. Communication of the damage, including photos and/or observations, must be sent within one (1) calendar day window outlined above.

– Traceability information including (but not limited to): the current state of the material, unique material identification, material type, dimensions, weight, current location and Reibus purchase order number.

– Evidence of the nonconformance, which would include:

  1. A physical sample with the defect clearly marked or pictures if a physical sample is not possible. Dimensional and/or property results (gauge charts, lab results, production reports, etc.) are acceptable forms of evidence, for nonconformances that are not visible in nature; AND
  2. A complete description of the nonconformance (location, size, frequency, severity, quantity of material affected, etc.). Any information needed for Reibus to determine remediation; AND
  3. In addition, Reibus would require reasonable efforts to be made to gather additional evidence, if requested.

– All material, including nonconforming material, must be stored in a manner that will not deteriorate the material.

Reibus will only accept claims:

– Related to requirements explicitly stated on purchase order documentation (not including implied or indirect requirements)

– On prime/excess prime material. Secondary and/or non-prime material is sold “as is”.

– Outside of our tolerances which includes:

  1. In relation to order completeness, +/-10% (piece count, weight, length, etc.) for orders; OR
  2. A yield of ≥ 95% given there are always sacrificial sections of material; OR
  3. Weight discrepancies between measured/received weights and BOL weights of up to the lesser of 1% or 500 pounds

Reibus will not accept claims for any reason on the following materials:

– Secondary and/or non-prime material, other than for misrepresentation; AND

– Dry and non-chem treat, dry materials for scratches and/or rust/water stain; AND

– Materials that have been moved beyond the original agreed upon delivery destination, including coated and uncoated materials, especially for moisture related issues. Intermediate inspections are at the Customer’s discretion.

Reibus maintains a run 10% and pull requirement. As the Customer, you have a responsibility and obligation to inspect and hold suspect material during subsequent processing, including part and assembly formation. Without prior authorization, claims will not be accepted, if non-conforming material has been fully consumed or if there has been additional use or processing of the nonconforming material after submission of a claim. Reibus must be given the option of remediation.

For mill direct transactions, the producing mill’s claim policy will control the process. Reibus maintains the right to pass the producing mill’s claims policy through to the buyer.

Unauthorized deductions occurring prior to a written disposition and settlement of a claim constitute nonpayment and are not allowed.

If a claim is accepted by Reibus, claim resolution will be limited to one of the following: the costs of remediation activities, return for credit/refund, or scrap and credit/refund of a portion of the purchase price as agreed between Reibus and Customer, which is the Customer’s sole and exclusive remedy for the claim. Reibus shall not be liable for any losses, damages or expense, direct, incidental or consequential, whether caused by or resulting from the use of defective or nonconforming goods. Reibus will not honor any incidental claim charges such as sorting, sampling, storage, freight, additional processing costs, administrative, or replacement cost unless pre-approved and authorized by an appropriate Reibus representative prior to incurring the expense. Each claim is handled separately and will not be considered precedent for any future claim.

In all cases, Reibus will inform the Customer of the claim disposition in writing.

Reibus reserves the right to update, modify or supersede this claim policy at any time to reflect changes mandated by policy revisions.

This Claim Policy works in conjunction with the latest revisions of the Reibus Terms and Conditions as well as the Reibus Water Stain Policy and Procedures (both customer and warehouse versions).

For all claims, contact:

Jim Norris, Sales Program Manager