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Moving Metals without the Hassle

Reibus Logistics takes the hassle out of shipping your metal products by providing the industry's most transparent, predictable, and reliable freight service.

How Does It Work?

We manage shipments end to end, helping you solve problems and improve the bottom line.

  • Request a Quote in Seconds

    Connect with one of our logistics professionals

    • Our systems evaluate real-time market conditions and our individual buying power within the lane
    • One of our logistics professionals will immediately contact to you to give a rate
    • A single point of contact will ensure your needs are met throughout the shipping process
  • Receive Notification of Carrier Assignment

    Our capacity sourcing engine goes to work

    • We evaluate the request relative to our network of qualified carriers, balancing availability, cost, and service
    • We ensure the covering carrier understands all load requirements and is positioned to make on-time pickup
    • We provide notice to you once the shipment is assigned a carrier
  • Stay Updated on Delivery

    Our systems provide visibility to the shipment journey

    • Reference our Shipment Visibility Dashboard to see the progress of your shipment
    • View all your in-progress and completed shipments in a single location
    • Share visibility of the shipment status with your trading partners

Customers: Our Digital Freight Network Saves You Time and Provides Peace of Mind

  • Simply and quickly receive a quote regarding your shipping needs
  • Reibus logistics systems matches capacity best suited to haul your freight from our curated network of carriers
  • See real time delivery status through our Shipment Visibility Dashboard

Carriers: We Find Loads for Your Trucks

  • You are assigned a single point of contact focused on finding loads for your trucks
  • Access our automated routing guides and receive first right of refusal on high-volume lanes
  • Give visibility to your available equipment and lane preferences, and our algorithm will award you matching shipments

Better Solutions than Traditional Logistics Services Providers

  • Transparent

    Digital tracking provides real-time visibility into the status of your freight

  • Competitive

    Our scale allows us to secure competitive rates

  • Simple

    We offer a single point of contact and 24/7/365 support

Reibus Logistics was built to solve your most common shipping challenges

  • I have no visibility into the status of my freight

    Reibus Logistics enables real-time tracking through GPS and systems integration, and ongoing monitoring of carrier compliance provides you peace of mind and high-quality service.

  • My freight costs have increased and are unpredictable

    As a metals shipper and 3PL, we draw on our expansive carrier network to provide long-term commitments at competitive rates.

  • I can't find carriers who can handle my shipping requirements

    As a marketplace dedicated to the metals industry, we are well-versed in securing steel and handling specialty metals such as aluminum and stainless. Our technology verifies full compliance across every load we ship.

  • It is a hassle to manage the end-to-end freight process

    Our proprietary technology offers you faster service with instant quoting and automated booking. You will be assigned a single primary point of contact and provided 24/7/365 in-house support.

Access the Benefits of Reibus Logistics Today

Reibus logistics is driven by a team of logistics and metals professionals, using proprietary technology, and partnering with a curated network of carriers to orchestrate transparent, competitive, and quality delivery of your shipments.

Get A Quote

Become a Reibus Carrier Partner

High-Quality Carrier Partnership to Grow Your Business

Without Our Carriers, Reibus Logistics Would Not Exist.

High-quality carrier partnerships are central to our success. Reibus Logistics was founded with carriers in mind. You are our customers, and we want you to view us as fair and reliable.

Reibus combines the benefits of a high-volume shipper and a logistics service provider, creating a broad freight network specializing in open deck shipments. Keeping your trucks moving is what makes you money, and we strive to source freight that will fit your needs.

Other benefits associated with partnering with Reibus include:

  • 15-day standard payment
  • Next day and 3-day pay with reduced discount (2.5% and 1.5%, respectively)
  • Double detention and TONU compensation
  • Dedicated Account Managers on call to help whenever you need them
  • Quality partners unlock additional incentives

Call Us to Discuss Working Together: 888-663-0785

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