Atlanta, GA, July 13, 2022 — Reibus International, the leading independent marketplace and solutions provider for industrial metals, is pleased to announce the launch of Steel Foundations, an open course explaining how steel is made.

Steel Foundations is the first learning resource for Reibus U, the Company’s new platform for helping people learn across the metals industry. The course features 40 lessons, organized into five modules of the steel production process: ironmaking, steelmaking, secondary refining, casting, and shaping & treating. The course features more than 30 videos, along with supporting audio and text guidance.

Steel Foundations Dashboard Page

“We are proud to provide high-quality learning resources that help people across the industry,” said John Armstrong, Founder, and CEO of Reibus. “Providing new technology and resources is part of our responsibility to the industry at large and will help with the challenge of attracting and retaining fresh talent. Steel Foundations is the first of many courses and learning resources we will deliver.”

“I’m delighted that Reibus has invested in quality educational resources for the steel industry.” said Phillip Bell, President of Steel Manufacturers Association. “This course will be a valuable resource for years to come, particularly for newcomers to the industry.”

Steel Foundations can be accessed from the company’s website,

Enrolled users will earn a certificate once they’ve successfully completed the course.

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