Partnering With Reibus Enables Mexican Service Center To Secure Rapid Credit Approval And Eliminate Lengthy Lead Times

Reibus helps Mexican steel service center avoid long lead times and receive credit line approval for their galvanized, stainless, aluminum, and pre-painted steel needs.


This customer continued to find themselves in a tough spot while experiencing long lead times from their usual suppliers. Their urgent need for stainless steel was going unmet, causing loss of revenue and issues with their own customer base.


By partnering with us, they’ve found material on the spot market with competitive pricing and much shorter lead times. Finding more material with quicker delivery windows have allowed them to meet the demanding needs of their customers; and the competitive pricing Reibus found for them provided larger profit margins.

They’ve leaned into technology to open new revenue streams by listing material on our Marketplace to fill open RFQs.

Our Benefits

Shorter Lead Times

The volatile metals industry often falls victim to unpredictable circumstances that can increase the lead time on material. Instead of disappointing your customers, our extensive supplier network can assist in finding the material you need and our Logistics team is standing by to handle all domestic and cross-border moves.

Fast Credit Approval

When the customer found a coil that met their specifications on our Marketplace, they needed a line of credit to secure it. Instead of increasing credit terms with their usual creditor, we were able to provide a same-day approval, ensuring they didn’t lose out on the coil or further increase the lead time for receiving the material.

Network of Buyers

Leaning into the Marketplace has proven to increase revenue and inventory turnover. Each week our customers trust us to securely list their material and provide RFQs to quote – resulting in finding new customers and making more sales.