How We Moved Over 3 Million Pounds In 30 Days


The customer had material sitting in a port for over 90 days, with more volume steadily coming in. Market pricing began to fluctuate and they needed to move the material fast.


Our Logistics team stepped in with a strong carrier network and good relationships at the ports. Reibus moved over 100 trucks in 30 days with over 3.4 million pounds moved in the first 75 shipments, helping the service center preserve their margin and minimize the risk of inventory devaluation.

Our Benefits

Move Fast in Changing Markets

When a declining market hits and you have material at the ports, you need to move and sell your material quickly. Maintain your margin and flexible decision-making without having to worry about how you’re going to get your material to its destination.

Peace of Mind

Our network of carriers specialize in metals, giving you the assurance that your material will be tarped, weatherproofed, and shipped securely, mitigating your risk of damaged or lost materials.

High Volume Shipments

Unlike other asset-based carriers, we can handle large amounts of material arriving at once, shipping your high-volume loads fast.