Reibus Marketplace Helped Move $400k Worth Of Aged Inventory


A national service center was having issues moving a niche material at several of their locations after a customer changed an order. The inventory had been sitting on the floor for over a year with nowhere to go.


The service center reached out to us for help. Within three months of listing on the Marketplace, buyers looking for this niche material purchased all of the inventory, moving it off the floor and off the books. Tapping into our network of buyers, we helped move over $400,000 worth of material, that would have otherwise sat, taking up space and tying up dollars.

Our Benefits

Extensive Network

Gain access to a network of buyers looking for material that you need to get off the floor and off the books. RFQs are submitted every day for a variety of steel, aluminum, stainless, red metal, and scrap materials.

Save Time

Your material listings are instantly matched with RFQs and sent right to your inbox, providing you with more sales, faster inventory turns, and new revenue streams.

More Sales

A broad network and more time gives you the opportunity to focus on what you do best – selling.