As I reflect on 2022, I want to thank our customers, the early adopters who recognize that change in our industry is not only needed but inevitable. You are the people who are helping us drive modernization into the industry that is the backbone of the modern world.

Without metals, the modern world does not exist. Transportation is safer and more efficient than ever before, thanks to innovation in strong and lightweight metals. We can live longer and healthier lives with safe medical procedures, industrial food production, and other forms of technology. These societal advancements and more are enabled by a solid and modernizing metals industry.

Long-term industry players continue to invest and digitize the industry. We can see change starting to take hold from the action of others in the space. Majestic with Felux, Kloeckner with XOM, ThyssenKrupp with SteelBuy, and other platforms are being backed by incumbent industry players. I am pleased that the industry I have called home for over 20 years sees the need for change from within.

What lies ahead in the next twelve months in our industry is likely among the most volatile and challenging we will face in our careers. Free and easy money has gone, geopolitical tensions will continue to impact supply chains, and the need to address climate change and the industry’s carbon footprint will continue to grow. All while facing challenging economic headwinds.

At Reibus, we will keep building and investing in our business to improve our products and services, working hard to earn the right to continue to serve the entire industry while remaining genuinely independent. We continue to look for new ways to serve our customers better through our marketplace, digital logistics solution, data, and SaaS tools.

I appreciate your support in 2022. We look forward to working with you in 2023 and beyond, building a better future for our industry.


John Armstrong