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New Solutions to Grow Your Business

Reibus has flexible cash-flow, A/R and Inventory options for you.

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Better solutions than traditional financial products


    Unlock The Value Of Your Inventory

    Use your inventory to get the cash to grow your business.

  • DealMaker©

    Financially Enabling Deals

    Financially enable both sides of a transaction.

  • TradeFlex©

    Flexible Payment Terms

    Instant credit with flexible payment and receivables terms.

What are your biggest challenges?

  • I can’t grow my business without more cash

    ADVANTAGE© clients leverage cash tied up in inventories, enabling new deals and investments

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  • My bank doesn’t understand how my business works

    ADVANTAGE© is the industry-specific financing tool built to perform through market trends and volatility

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  • I need to get paid for this deal much faster than industry standard terms

    DealMaker© provides payment to the seller when needed

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  • This deal might not happen if we can’t agree on credit terms

    DealMaker© brings the deal onto our platform and we act as an intermediary

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  • I need more time to pay

    TradeFlex© provides instant credit with flexible payment terms up to 90 days.

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Get deals done with financing from Reibus

Tailored financing solutions from our industry experts can be implemented quickly: Never let cash flow issues come between you and a buy or a sell again.

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How does it work?

Our financing qualification process is simple, easy to use, and based on our proprietary technology, our unique market position and industry experience.

  • Apply

    Whether buying or selling on the Reibus platform, you can apply for financing.

    • Apply online through our portal or speak directly with a financing specialist
    • Choose how you want the product to work: Amounts, length, collateral, etc.
    • Our specialists will help facilitate the deal every step of the way
  • Review

    Our team of specialists will review your application and reach out to finalize details.

    • We will review stability, market reputation, and history with Reibus
    • Provide you with feedback and explain your options
    • Once agreed, we’ll move on to financing
  • Funds Available

    Once approved, your funds will be immediately available within the agreed-upon term.

    • We will confirm terms of the deal, working with finance & legal as required
    • Exchange deal signatures and paperwork
    • Funds are available immediately via ACH or wire transfer
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Borrow Up to 85%Cash out of existing inventory

Pay back as materials are utilized

Reibus Financial Products

Options that fit your needs

ADVANTAGE© By Reibus Financial

Advantage clients control how much cash is tied up in inventories, enabling new, capital-intensive deals.

  • We combine our expertise of industry players, the true value of inventories, and the advantage of our direct route to market.
  • We can liberate the most cash from a company’s inventory, something difficult for traditional lenders to do.
  • Reibus provides liquidity to our customers with flexible and tailored solutions.
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DealMaker© By Reibus Financial

Through DealMaker, we provide capital to buyers and sellers immediately.

  • When parties can’t agree on credit terms, Reibus steps in to provide what each party needs.
  • Bring the deal onto the Reibus platform and we act as the intermediary.
  • Provide payment to the seller when needed, allowing the buyer to pay when convenient.
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TradeFlex© By Reibus Financial

TradeFlex expands trade credit up to 90 days based on a customer’s unique Reibus Score.

  • We offer exceptionally flexible payment terms and can instantly approve you for trade credit up to Net 90 days.
  • Our credit qualification process is proprietary and based on our unique market knowledge and experience.
  • Complimentary to the Reibus Marketplace: You can use TradeFlex to make purchases on the platform.
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Discover how Reibus can supercharge your businessTalk with one of our industry experts today!

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  1. Which product Is Right For me?

    Whether you are buying or selling (or both) on or off the Reibus platform, we can help with financing. When sellers need to get paid right away, we can do that! If the buyer needs extended terms, consignment or buyback, we can do that too. If cash availability is an obstacle to getting a deal done at all, we can help.

  2. Are you a bank?

    No! We are not a bank, factor, or any other traditional type of lender. Because of our market expertise, we are able to provide innovative financing to the materials industry more quickly and with less risk than any other firm.

  3. Why do you require financial statements?

    Financial statements are only required for financing deals or extended trade credit over certain risk thresholds. We know what a good industry balance sheet looks like and can provide more funds the better the risk of a deal is understood.

  4. How long do your financing options go?

    Our financing products carry terms of anywhere from Net 30 trade credit with TradeFlex up to and additional 90 days of consignment with Advantage.

  5. Do you have a deal size limit?

    Not really. We assess each deal on it’s own merits and, depending on the various parties involved, are willing to lend out quite a lot! We have internal controls and processes and so can rapidly provide feedback.

  6. Why are you better than a bank or a factor?

    Because we know the industry so well, we have an advantage over other lenders or capital providers. We can accept material as security which makes us able to provide more of the capital you need.

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