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Reibus CapitalInnovative solutions to
grow your business.

We provide a selection of products to help you improve cash flow.

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The Details

How can we help your business move forward?

We offer tools to help you optimize your working capital and cash flow.

  • Customized to your business

    Unlock credit

    Use your inventory and free up cash to grow your business. Our industry-specific products are built to perform in all market conditions.

    Reibus provides liquidity to our customers with flexible and tailored solutions. We can help your company receive cash for your company’s inventory, something difficult for a lender to do.

  • Reibus enables buyers and sellers

    Complete the transaction

    Enable both sides of a transaction by bringing it to Reibus.

    When parties can’t agree on credit terms, bring the transaction to Reibus and we act as the intermediary, providing what each party needs: We can purchase inventory from sellers when needed and sell goods to a buyer, on terms allowing the buyer to pay when convenient.

  • Expanded trade credit

    Pay over time

    Instant, self-provided credit with flexible payment and receivable terms.

    We offer flexible payment terms and can instantly approve you for trade credit up to Net 90 days. Our credit qualification process is based on our unique market knowledge and experience.

How it works It's as easy as 1, 2, 3 with Reibus.

Our qualification process is fast and simple, taking advantage of our unique market position and industry experience.

  • Step 1 Apply

    Whether buying or selling on 
the Reibus platform, you can apply for trade credit.

    Apply online through our portal or speak directly with a Reibus Finance specialist. Choose how you want your commercial line of credit to work: amount, duration, collateral, and other terms. Our credit lines allow you to purchase from Reibus. Our specialists will facilitate the details every step of the way.

  • Step 2 Review

    Our team of specialists will review your application and reach out to finalize details.

    We will review stability, market reputation, and history with Reibus, then we provide you with feedback and explain your options.

  • Step 3 Complete

    We will confirm the terms and finish the paperwork.

    Once approved, Reibus will open your line of credit with Reibus. You can now complete purchases and sales in accordance with the terms of the transaction.

Discover how Reibus can supercharge your business

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Get Answers Frequently Asked Questions

  • Whether you are buying or selling (or both) on or off the Reibus Marketplace, we can help with your capital needs. When sellers need to get paid right away, we can do that. If a buyer needs extended terms, consignment, or buyback, we can do that too. If cash availability is an obstacle to getting a deal done, we can help.

  • No. We are not a bank, factor, or lender. Because of our market expertise, we can provide innovative products to the materials industry more quickly and with less risk than any other firm.

  • Financial statements are only required for capital needs over certain risk thresholds. We know what a good industry balance sheet looks like and can provide more options the better the risk of a deal is understood.

  • We offer flexible, customizable terms based on your specific situation.

  • We assess each deal on its own merits and, depending on the various parties involved, reach a tailored solution for you.