Reibus answers your sales and inventory problems for $199/month, all-inclusive.

Not per person, not per listing, just $199/month period.

Fixed, Flat Pricing

At Reibus, we keep things simple. The price doesn't change as you add more users, add locations, or list more items.

Selling Made Easy

Fast and Flexible selling through our platform gives you complete control 24/7. Easy to check the status of your listings update and change, pricing, quantities lead-times, You’re in total control.

Industry Experts

We know how your industry works and the challenges you face. You can count on Reibus to give you great advice, find you buyers, execute targeted marketing and solve your problems.

Easy Transactions

We have simplified and modernized the trading of industrial materials. We take care of everything for you. We have made it easier for buyers to find materials than ever before.

Love the Payment Terms

After your material sells we can pay you within 15 days. Turn your inventory into cash quick!

Trade with Trust

We take security and privacy very seriously. Trust that your information will be safe with Reibus.

Get a Better ROI

Reibus network new

Sell with Reibus

Selling with Reibus is fast and simple and takes the hassle out of managing excess and obsolete inventory.


Low Cost Platform

Reibus works 24/7 to sell your inventory and grow your business. Let technology do the heavy lifting for you.

Money bag

Bigger Returns

Generate much higher returns on inventory with Reibus versus traditional sales and disposition processes.


Become a Seller

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